An award winning handcrafted jewellery brand which is based in Johannesburg. In 2018, DEAD. collaborated with Peaccessories to produce luxury handcrafted silver jewellery, which consists of chains and a ring.




DEAD. collaborated with AXE in 2018 to produce items for the AXEpartyoftheyear. The products consisted of hoodies and t-shirts, which were customised according to the specs of the guests that attended the event.



University of Cape Town RAG

DEAD. collaborated with UCT Rag in 2018 to produce a basic collection for their committee which consisted of t-shirts.




A premium sneaker store located in Braamfontein. DEAD. being the first and only South African brand to collaborate with Anatomy in 2017, on a 3 piece capsule collection. Which consisted of a cap, t-shirt and bulletproof jacket.




Yococo is a delicious dairy-free, plant based ice cream. In 2017, DEAD. collaborated with Yococo to produce black organic ice cream. The collaboration was experimental and was available in two favours, choc-chip and lemon meringue.